Eastwood: Focus must be on restoring Stormont institutions

colum eastwood

Social Democratic and Labour Party Leader Colum Eastwood MP has said everyone’s focus must be on restoring the Stormont institutions to deal with the challenges facing people in the North.

He was speaking after Secretary of State Chris Heaton-Harris extended the deadline for an Executive to be formed and announced his intention to cut MLAs pay.

Mr Eastwood said the idea of an election should be put to one side and the DUP should return to Stormont to deal with the issues impacting families.

Foyle MP Mr Eastwood said:

“With the Secretary of State having pushed the idea of an election and the prospect of a deal between the British government and the EU on the Protocol getting closer every day, the DUP has no excuse for continuing their boycott of the Stormont institutions. They have no justifiable reason for hanging about while people’s homes get colder and their cupboards get emptier.

“I welcome the move to cut MLAs pay, let me be clear – SDLP MLAs want to be at Stormont every day working to deal with the huge number of issues impacting people in our communities, but while they are prevented from doing a key part of their jobs and so many families here are struggling, we understand the frustration the public is feeling.

“The DUP are rapidly running out of road, they have said they will return to the institutions when a Protocol deal is reached and it’s time they respected the democratic decision of the electorate in May and got back to work.”

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