Eastwood: Hooded Men apology another step towards justice

psni colum eastwood Hooded Men

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MP has welcomed an apology to the Hooded Men from the PSNI.

The PSNI apologised to the Hooded Men days before the death of Joe Clarke.

Mr Eastwood called on the British Government and British Army to follow suit and formally apologise to the men who were tortured.

Foyle MP Mr Eastwood said:

“Today’s apology for the Hooded Men from the PSNI is another step forward in their long, difficult battle for truth and justice. I appreciate this apology coming before the death of Joe Clarke so that he could achieve some form of closure after years of campaigning for the apology that was so deserved after what he and his fellow victims went through.

“These men and their families have waited 52 years for this apology and others have unfortunately passed away without seeing it. An apology from the PSNI is an essential step towards recognising the ordeal that these men suffered. The attention must now turn to the British government and security forces who also owe an apology to these men.

“The SDLP will continue to support these men in their campaign to receive a full, unequivocal apology from the British government, British Army and other security services involved. The Supreme Court was clear in its ruling and it’s long past time this was acknowledged by those responsible for what these men endured.”

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