Eastwood: Hume’s gift to Derry enduring reminder of road to peace

colum eastwood John Hume Pat Hume

Social Democratic and Labour Party Leader Colum Eastwood MP has said that the gift of John Hume’s peace prizes to the people of Derry will be an enduring reminder of the importance of peace.

Pat Hume gifted John’s medals following his passing in 2020 and they will go on display following an event in Derry’s Guildhall on Saturday.

Mr Eastwood said the gift of the medals epitomised John and Pat Hume, who always put the people of Derry and Ireland before themselves.

Foyle MP Mr Eastwood said:

“Throughout their lives John and Pat Hume put their work on behalf of the people of Derry, and people right across this island ahead of all else. It’s no surprise that following John’s passing Pat made the remarkable gesture of gifting his peace prizes to the people of Derry, to whom he gave so much and who in turn supported him throughout his life and career.

“I’m delighted that these awards will now go on permanent display in our city’s Guildhall where both local people and tourists can view them, remember John, Pat and everyone who helped them along their journey and all that they achieved.

“John and Pat’s legacy is more than just a monument to an incredible past, it is rooted in the prospect of a better future for all our people. Their vision of nationalists and unionists spilling their sweat together in common endeavour to meet the needs of the people who share this island in all their difference and diversity is a challenge to those of us who carry their mantle. We cannot allow the opportunity they have given us to be wasted by people and parties more interested in division and deadlock.

“John achieved an extraordinary amount in a lifetime filled with public service, but his work is not yet done. We have not yet achieved a shared Ireland where people live alongside each other in peace and prosperity. He showed us the way and the most fitting tribute to him will be our continued efforts to achieve his goals.”

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