Eastwood: Johnson’s time up as PM

colum eastwood Boris Johnson

Social Democratic and Labour Party Leader Colum Eastwood MP has said that Boris Johnson’s time as Prime Minister is up and he must resign.

Mr Eastwood said Johnson was never fit to the hold the office of PM and has repeatedly demonstrated this throughout his tenure in the role.

He urged Johnson to resign so that politics here can move past his shambolic premiership and begin to undo the damage caused.

Foyle MP Mr Eastwood said:

“Throughout his tenure as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has aimlessly shambled from one disaster to the next. He showed a real failure of leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, has repeatedly undermined the public’s faith in their politicians with a multitude of scandals and brought shame upon his government and Britain – that’s before we even get to the negative impact he has had on the North.

“His determination to push through the hardest version of Brexit and use of the Protocol for his own political ends has fostered division and political instability here, his disregard for international law has seriously damaged Britain’s relations with the South, the EU and the US, and he has retraumatised victims of our Troubled past with an amnesty dressed up in false claims around reconciliation.

“Boris Johnson should have been removed as Prime Minister long ago, that he has been allowed to continue this long and cause further damage is a matter of deep regret. Now that his colleagues are deserting the sinking ship to save their own political careers the writing is on the wall. The moment has long since passed for Johnson to do the right thing and depart with any dignity, but he must go as soon as possible so we can begin to undo the damage he’s caused.”

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