Eastwood: Mission is to remove the Tories from power

colum eastwood

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MP has welcomed news that a general election will be called for 4th July giving people the opportunity to remove the Tory government from power.

Speaking after British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made the announcement today, Colum Eastwood MP said:

“It has taken 14 years but I’ve finally found something that I agree with this Tory government on - it is time for an election. People will now have an opportunity to cast their verdict on not just the last five years of chaos, pain and turmoil but the last 14 years of government that has left communities across Northern Ireland far worse off.

“The mission of the next six weeks could not be clearer - it’s time to remove the Tory government from power and install a new administration that understands the value of investing in public services and communities that have been left behind. It’s time to reverse the toxic legacy bill, it’s time to restore faith in the power of government as a force for good. It is fundamentally time for change. The best way to support that objective in constituencies across the North is to back SDLP candidates who are ready to turn up and vote the Tories down.

“Everyone knows how important the decisions made at Westminster are for people, public services and communities in Northern Ireland. This is now a huge opportunity to take direct action - SDLP MPs are ready for the fight.”


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