Eastwood: No support in Derry for scenes of disorder

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SDLP Leader and Foyle MP Colum Eastwood has said that those who orchestrated attacks on the police from the City Cemetery this afternoon will find no support among the people of Derry. 

Mr Eastwood said that young people were being manipulated in what was clearly a premeditated and organised attempt to create a violent standoff following an Easter parade. 


Coming on the third anniversary of Lyra McKee’s murder, the SDLP Leader said that those responsible have nothing to offer and will not be allowed to drag Derry backward.


Colum Eastwood MP said:


“Today is the third anniversary of the murder of Lyra McKee on the streets of our city. A young journalist who was trying to make a life for herself in Derry and who had so much to give to our community. Lyra’s memory continues to galvanise our resolve against the men of violence who prey on bigotry and hate. Derry stands with Lyra’s family, with Sara and with everyone who knew her today.


“The scenes from the city cemetery this afternoon are absolutely and totally wrong. Young people in our city are being manipulated into carrying out violent attacks against police officers by people who are intent on dragging this city and its people backwards. We wont let them win. 


“Those responsible for orchestrating a very clearly pre-arranged attack on police wanted to create a violent standoff this afternoon. They want to whip up division, fear and resentment because it’s the only way they can gain a foothold in our community. They need to understand that those days are long gone and they aren’t coming back. The people of Derry want to live in peace with their neighbours. We wont have that peace threatened by anyone, let alone cowards that send kids out to throw petrol bombs.”

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