Eastwood welcomes 300 new FinTrU jobs for Northwest

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SDLP Leader and MP for Foyle Colum Eastwood has welcomed the news that FinTrU is to create 300 new jobs in Derry and increase investment in Northern Ireland-wide staff.

The company is based at Patrick Street in the city.

Colum Eastwood MP said:

"I'm delighted that FinTrU has announced 300 new jobs and a skills development package for Derry. FinTrU has recognised the economic imbalance towards the Northwest, which has dragged on for decades, and has shown its confidence in this area and its people by investing significantly in our talented and skilled workforce.

"Derry needs further investment so that our young people do not have to leave their homes to have a career, go to university and start a family. These new roles and the skills development package shows commitment to Derry and the Northwest, and is a testament to the capable and educated people that Derry produces.

"These roles will strengthen the relationship between Derry and FinTrU which will provide opportunities, improve our economy and create leaders for the future. An added £8.6 million will benefit communities and local businesses and give confidence to other companies who see Derry as the perfect hub to grow globally."

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