Eastwood welcomes funding for City of Derry Airport

nichola mallon colum eastwood City of Derry Airport

Social Democratic and Labour Party Leader Colum Eastwood MP has welcomed £3million in funding from SDLP Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon for City of Derry Airport.

Mr Eastwood said the money would secure the airport’s future and help to facilitate growth.

Foyle MP Mr Eastwood said:

“Far too often in recent years doubt has been cast over the future of City of Derry Airport. This merry go round not only causes serious worry for staff about their futures, but the uncertainty scares off potential investment in the airport and airlines are hesitant to commit to new routes in the absence of guarantees.

“This funding from SDLP Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon will help to secure the airport's future and allow it to make concrete plans going forward. There is huge potential for City of Derry to expand and grow, it is the only major airport in the entire north-west of this island and we need to focus on attracting new routes and airlines so that it can establish itself in its own right as a choice for travellers alongside Belfast and Dublin.

“For decades Derry and the wider north-west has suffered from a lack of investment and one of the reasons most often cited for this is the lack of proper transport links. A properly resourced airport would make it easier for people to visit our city and create new opportunities for Derry.

“I’d like to thank SDLP Minister Mallon for her efforts in securing City of Derry’s future. This is the latest in a long line of positive announcements she has made for our city including a fleet of zero emissions buses and progress on upgrading the Derry to Coleraine train line. Throughout her time as Minister she has shown a real determination to deliver on the projects that matter to local people.”


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