Eastwood welcomes Joe Kennedy to Derry

colum eastwood derry Joe Kennedy

Social Democratic and Labour Party Leader Colum Eastwood MP welcomed US Special Envoy Joe Kennedy to Derry on Friday.

Mr Eastwood took Mr Kennedy on a tour of a number of local businesses and they also visited Ebrington Square.

He told Mr Kennedy of the need for greater investment in the North West of Ireland.

Foyle MP Mr Eastwood said:

“It was wonderful to welcome Joe Kennedy to Derry today, his first visit to the city on his maiden trip to Northern Ireland after being appointed the US Special Envoy. I was delighted to show him around some of our city’s most successful local businesses and to display the ingenuity, creativity, work ethic and potential that exists within Derry. He received a warm welcome that I’m sure will stay with him for some time.

“As we walked the streets of our city together I could tell that he was really impressed with what he saw. Derry and its people have so much to offer, that’s the message I’ve been spreading far and wide and I was glad to have the first-hand opportunity to show Mr Kennedy exactly what I was talking about.

“In the number of meetings I have had with Mr Kennedy since his appointment I have emphasised the need for significant investment in the wider North West area if we are ever to seize the opportunity that exists here. For far too long investment has been concentrated in small pockets of the North and the Windsor Framework and dual market access gives us the chance to finally put that right.

“We also discussed many of the points raised by President Biden and Mr Kennedy on their trip to Ireland this week. I stressed to the need for a properly resourced and expanded university at Magee if we are ever to stop our best and brightest from leaving this area and taking their skills and contributions with them. Following his visit I’m sure that Mr Kennedy has a greater understanding of the issues we are facing in this part of our island and I look forward to working closely with him in the near future to address them.”

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