Eastwood welcomes Labour commitment to repeal Legacy Bill

legacy colum eastwood

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MP has welcomed a commitment from Labour Leader Keir Starmer MP to repeal the British Government’s toxic legacy bill.

The bill, which is opposed by every political party in Northern Ireland, victims and survivor’s representatives and the Irish Government, would shut down paths to justice and accountability for families who have been campaigning for decades on behalf of their loved ones.

The SDLP Leader discussed the impact of the bill with the Labour Leader during discussions at Parliament Buildings this week.

Colum Eastwood MP said:

“The Conservative Legacy Bill is an affront to victims and survivors, it seeks to shield paramilitary and state killers from investigation while shutting down paths to justice for families who have been campaigning for decades on behalf of their loved ones. It has no support in Northern Ireland, it is opposed by every political party, victims and survivors and the Irish Government. We do not consent to it and the Tories have no mandate here to enforce it.

“Keir Starmer understands the importance of truth, justice and accountability to victims and survivors. He understands the burden and the weight of cross-generational trauma that has been caused by the failure to adequately address the legacy of our past. And he understands the basic need for people in Northern Ireland to consent to any process designed to address the past.

“I warmly welcome Keir’s commitment that as Prime Minister, his government would repeal this toxic legislation and return to fulfilling the human rights of victims and survivors. There is no other approach that will command consent here.

“SDLP MPs will support Keir and the Labour Party when it comes to repealing this legislation at the first available opportunity.”

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