Eastwood welcomes decision not to prosecute Black Lives Matter protestors

justice colum eastwood black lives matter blm racial justice racial equality

Social Democratic and Labour Party Leader and MP for Foyle Colum Eastwood said:

“I welcome the decision taken by the Public Prosecution Service not to prosecute those who attended Black Lives Matter protests last year in the wake of George Floyd's murder.

“Last year's tragic events shook the world and showed how racism and prejudice have affected societies, not just in America, but here as well.

“In Northern Ireland, political leaders must listen to the lived experiences of BAME people and understand the pain experienced by communities. Our mission must be to dismantle the structures of racist hate.

“I have called for the fines issued to protestors to be dropped. This must happen as soon as possible.

“The SDLP will continue to stand with those across the world engaged in the struggle for justice. We must continue to fight against intolerance and hatred wherever we see it."

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