ERG takeover of Northern Ireland Office ‘totally obnoxious’ – Hanna

protocol claire hanna ERG

SDLP South Belfast MP Claire Hanna has raised serious questions about the policy direction of Liz Truss’ administration following the appointment of two senior ERG figures to the Northern Ireland Office.

Claire Hanna MP said:

“The appointment of another hard-line Eurosceptic to a senior position in the Northern Ireland Office is a red flag when issues related to the Protocol remain politically sensitive. Liz Truss has an opportunity to make the case for a negotiated resolution with the European Union in the interests of people across these islands. These appointments seem in stark contrast to that objective.

“Privatising this issue to the DUP and ERG has not only failed in the past, it has brought down previous governments. Elevating Steve Baker to NIO in particular is an obnoxious decision that will send a destructive message to the European Commission and to parties in Northern Ireland.

“Liz Truss could have taken the opportunity to build bridges and make allies in the early days of her premiership. Instead she seems to be continuing down the diplomatically ignorant route of her predecessor.”

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