Extend the Energy Payment Now!

Energy bills, fuel bills and food bills are going through the roof but people across the North just cannot catch a break.

There is an urgent need to act now to support families who are in severe financial difficulty and more must be done to ensure every struggling household is supported throughout this crisis. 

In the South, the Irish Government are providing €200 energy credit to all bill payers, a much more generous package than the £55m Energy Support Scheme announced by Sinn Féin Communities Minister Déirdre Hargey in the North.

Families and individuals across the North deserve better.

That's why the SDLP is proposing emergency legislation in the Assembly aiming to unlock support for struggling families. This could include extending the £200 energy payment support scheme to all bill payers across the North to put people first and give them the help they desperately need. Sign our petition below to support the campaign!


We, the undersigned, call on the Minister for Communities Déirdre Hargey to extend the £200 energy payment support scheme to all bill payers in Northern Ireland.

Will you sign?

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