Hanna: All votes remain equal despite Paisley stunt

Good Friday Agreement new ireland claire hanna

SDLP South Belfast MP Claire Hanna has said that the creation of a new Ireland will be decided by the mechanisms contained within the Good Friday Agreement.

She was speaking after DUP MP Ian Paisley’s campaigning at Westminster about the need for an unspecified ‘supermajority’ for any further constitutional referendum.

Ms Hanna said the move was a stunt designed to distract from the mess the DUP have created, and that all votes remain equal.

South Belfast MP Ms Hanna said:

“This is essentially an exercise in trolling from an MP who has decided against being a serious political actor. The Good Friday Agreement is clear, including the principles of consent, of parity of esteem and on the agreed mechanism for any future change in the constitutional status.

“The SDLP is dedicated to the creation of a new Ireland, through planning and by consent and as a decision for the people in all their diversity. We aim for the highest possible endorsement and support for a new Ireland but remind the proposer of this stunt that all votes are equal.”

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