Hanna: Braverman’s inhumane comments new low for Tories

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SDLP South Belfast MP Claire Hanna has said comments from Home Secretary Suella Braverman on deporting migrants show a complete lack of humanity and empathy.

Braverman said it would be her “dream” and "amazing" to see a flight deporting migrants to Rwanda by Christmas.

Ms Hanna said the comments were a new low, even by Tory standards.

South Belfast MP Claire Hanna said:

“At a time when the ‘new’ UK Government should be focusing on repairing the damage it has done to the economy during their time in power, it is disturbing that the Home Secretary is instead engaging in twisted fantasies about deporting vulnerable people.

“The Tories have shown time and again that they don’t care about ordinary people, those out working to pay the bills, pensioners, the sick or those seeking asylum don’t matter to politicians who want power for powers’ sake, for bizarre ideological experiments and so that they can look after and give breaks to their mates.

“However, even by Tory standards these comments are shocking and show an illness at the heart of their belief system. To welcome the idea of exporting people fleeing unimaginable hardship at Christmas is so unspeakably unpleasant it’s a wonder any person would find it reasonable to express in public, never mind a Government Minister.

“The actions of this government over the last few months and years should give everyone pause about what kind of society we want to be part of. At the very least we should expect better than Scrooge-like politicians who want to live in a Dickensian nightmare where the rich get rewarded and the rights of the vulnerable degraded and eroded.”

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