Hanna challenges PM to tax Amazon to fund NHS pay rise

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SDLP MP Claire Hanna has challenged the UK Prime Minister to tax internet titans like Amazon to fund a fitting reward for NHS staff, who have worked on the frontline throughout the pandemic.

Since lockdown Amazon’s revenues have almost doubled, with other major internet retailers benefitting whilst many have suffered economic hardship.
Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, the South Belfast MP said:
“It takes some 16 thousand nurses to staff  Northern Ireland’s health services, costing around £380m per year. That’s less than 2% of last year’s UK sales for just one internet giant, Amazon, whose revenues almost doubled during lockdown.
“What possible reason can the PM and his Chancellor, who’ve both talked about the need to pay for the pandemic, muster for not supporting a modest windfall tax on those internet businesses that have benefitted most from the pandemic, to reward those who have worked hardest to get us through the pandemic?”

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