Hanna: Energy companies must pay fair share

claire hanna cost of living Windfall tax

SDLP South Belfast MP Claire Hanna has said that a proportionate windfall tax must be imposed on energy companies profiting from the cost of living emergency.

Ms Hanna raised the issue in the House of Commons during questions to the Treasury on Tuesday.

She urged the UK Government to increase the windfall tax and close loopholes that allow companies to avoid paying tax.

South Belfast MP Ms Hanna said:

“At a time when people are finding it increasingly difficult to pay their bills and families are living with unimaginable pressures it’s absolutely disgraceful that energy companies are reporting record profits due to directly benefitting from the cost of living emergency.

“The UK Government had to be shamed into introducing the existing windfall tax and it’s clear that it does not go anywhere near far enough. We are in the ridiculous situation where the energy companies themselves have publicly recognised that they need to make a larger contribution so that this money can be used to help people who are struggling and it’s time for the government to act.

“We also need clarity about the energy support payment for families in Northern Ireland. It’s completely unacceptable that while those in other parts of the UK are receiving these much needed payments, people here have no idea when they can expect to receive this money. The DUP’s boycott of Stormont has made it more difficult to administer the scheme, but we now need the government to step in and ensure that families here can afford to heat their homes this winter.”

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