Hanna urges British Government to cancel Universal Credit cut

SDLP South Belfast MP, Claire Hanna has urged the British Government to recognise their responsibilities and cancel the planned cut to Universal Credit, to protect struggling families.

“It is worrying that the UK Government would seek to scrap the uplift at a time when so many people are struggling to make ends meet. In every part of Northern Ireland, there are people relying on this payment and the cut would plunge many into poverty.”  

“Tonight, Colum Eastwood MP and I will join with other progressive MPs to oppose attempts to scrap the Universal Credit uplift, which would represent a £1,040 annual loss to families.”

Speaking in the Westminster debate, Ms Hanna said:

“Addressing this issue last week the Prime Minister stated that ‘he wants to see is jobs and growth’. We all do, but between Covid and Brexit that is simply not a realistic solution and it ignores the fact that 40% of Universal Credit recipients are in work.”

"The compound economic and health crises we are facing are driving more people to need the safety net of social security, but due to the ideological motivations of this government, that safety net is being found unfit for purpose."

"As public health experts are making clear, the risk from the pandemic is not about to disappear. The economy will experience disruption throughout 2021 so there is no case for cutting this uplift before then.”

“It is not too late for this Government to change course and support struggling families. I urge them to do so.”


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