Hard data demolishes Protocol lies: O’Toole

brexit protocol matthew o'toole

New data from NISRA has demolished claims from the DUP and others on the effects of the Protocol on trade between Britain and Northern Ireland.


Statistics released today indicate that the value of purchases from GB into Northern Ireland increased by seven per cent – despite exaggerated claims from unionist politicians and some UK Government ministers that the Protocol had devastated GB to NI trade.

The statistics also confirm a significant increase in volume of exports to the Republic and wider EU – highlighting the beneficial impact of dual market access under the Protocol.

SDLP Assembly group leader and Brexit spokesperson Matthew O’Toole MLA said:

“This data should finally put to bed the idea that Protocol is ruining the Northern Ireland economy, or even that it has severely dented trade between GB and NI. For nearly two years, DUP politicians and British ministers have exaggerated and distorted the effect of the protocol on trade flows and business across the Irish Sea.

“By contrast the SDLP has been calling for a specific strategy to promote the benefits of dual market access which gives businesses who locate here a competitive advantage that should be used to enhance our economy and generate new jobs.”

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