Hunter: Impact of Claudy bombing still felt after 50 years

cara hunter Claudy bombing

SDLP East Derry MLA Cara Hunter has said that the impact of the Claudy bombing still has a profound impact on the area after 50 years.

Nine people were killed and others injured in the IRA bombing in the village on July 31, 1972.

Ms Hunter said her thoughts were with the families ahead of the 50th anniversary of the bombing on Sunday.

East Derry MLA Ms Hunter said:

“My thoughts are with the families of the victims and all those affected ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Claudy bombing on Sunday. The events of that day have cast a dark shadow over this village that still remains to this day. As a result of this bombing multiple families and a community was torn apart and for many the pain is still as real today as it was when this disgraceful act was carried out.

“This anniversary gives us an opportunity to pause and remember everyone who lost their lives as a result of this senseless violence. We should also be proud that the people of Claudy, despite the devastation that was wrought on their doorsteps, refused to let this incident poison relations in this area. Claudy has always been a welcoming and friendly community, where people of different traditions and none happily live, work and socialise together.

“Since entering politics I have had the privilege of meeting and working with the Claudy families and hearing their harrowing stories. I have supported their efforts to have a long-overdue development carried out at the existing memorial to ensure what happened on that dreadful day is never forgotten. My heart goes out to them, they have to live with the consequences of this atrocity every day and I know Sunday will be particularly difficult as we mark the 50th anniversary.”

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