Kelly welcomes lowering of terrorist threat level

policing dolores kelly

SDLP Policing Board member Dolores Kelly has welcomed the lowering of the terrorism threat level in the North.

It has been announced that the threat level has been lowered from severe to substantial, marking the first time it has been lowered in 12 years.

Mrs Kelly said that while it showed progress in tackling the dissident threat, there was still a need for vigilance.

Upper Bann MLA Mrs Kelly said:

“I welcome the lowering of the terrorism threat level in the North for the first time in over a decade, it shows the progress that the PSNI have made in dealing with the scourge of dissident republican violence and as a result have kept their officers and our communities safe.

“We have seen a number of high-profile investigations and arrests in recent years and that good work must continue. We cannot allow the lowering of the threat level to cause complacency within our police force or the general public. While their numbers are thankfully dwindling there remain dissident elements out there lurking within our communities who wish to cause harm.

“It is disappointing that we are still dealing with such a high threat level over 20 years on from the Good Friday Agreement. The people of the North have been clear, they want to see an end to violence and there can be no justification for these groups to still exist. It’s long past time we saw paramilitaries of all shades leave the stage.”

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