Lynch welcomes SDLP Minister’s decision to reject incinerator

nichola mallon Roisin Lynch Arc21

SDLP South Antrim Assembly Candidate Cllr Roisin Lynch has welcomed a decision from SDLP Minister Nichola Mallon to reject plans for a waste incinerator in Mallusk.


Cllr Lynch has long supported the campaign against the incinerator and said that this decision is an outstanding example of political leaders listening to the concerns of local communities and putting people first.

Cllr Roisin Lynch said:

“This is an incredible result for all of the campaigners who have tirelessly worked to protect communities in Mallusk and across County Antrim that would have suffered if this incinerator project went ahead. Their steadfast commitment to protecting the health of our people and the environment we enjoy has been second to none.

“I am incredibly grateful to my SDLP colleague Minister Nichola Mallon who has taken this decision with the best interests of the people of South Antrim at heart. This is an example of what can be achieved when political leaders listen to local communities and put people first.

“The threat of this project has hung over our community for years. The action taken by the SDLP’s Minister today is decisive and firmly in the corner of the people we represent.

“I want to thank Minister Nichola Mallon for taking this decision and every campaigner who has given their time, energy and commitment to this cause.”

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