SDLP Manifesto 2022

Message from Colum Eastwood MP:

This Assembly mandate has finished exactly as it started- with the Executive in a state of collapse because political leaders continue to put their own narrow self-interest ahead of the needs of people in all of our communities. Working families across Northern Ireland are experiencing an unprecedented crisis in the cost-of-living. People are being hit again and again by soaring electricity, gas, oil and food bills. And all the while, they are being let down by politicians who are obsessed with the Protocol or with their own position at Stormont.

Enough is enough.

In this election the SDLP’s first, second and third priority is getting direct support to every household across the North to combat the price hikes that are forcing people to turn off their radiators or cut back on their food shop. We are presenting an ambitious manifesto for change - a manifesto to put people first. This document is filled with proposals that will make a difference to the lives of the people we represent on day one of a new Assembly.

It contains a cost-of-living action plan that will get more than £1,200 to families most in need. A strategic plan to slash hospital waiting lists and save lives. Concrete steps that will make childcare more affordable for working parents.

Our overriding objective is to help people who have been abandoned by the politics of division and collapse.

On May 5th, vote for the candidates who will put you and your family first.


Read the manifesto below: 



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