McCrossan calls on Education Authority to investigate McCausland comments

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Social Democratic and Labour Party MLA Daniel McCrossan has urged the Education Authority to investigate comments made by board member Nelson McCausland which appear to support the discredited view that LGBT+ people can or should be ‘changed’ by prayer.

The Stormont Education Committee member said that the comments were ‘deeply troubling’ from a member of the board of the body which helps to administrate education in Northern Ireland.





Daniel McCrossan MLA said:

“It is deeply troubling that a member of the Education Authority board thought it appropriate to share articles which advocate the discredited and deeply harmful view that LGBT+ people can or should be changed. It sends a destructive message to children and young adults in our schools and in our society who are struggling with their sexuality. These comments must be addressed by Nelson McCausland and by the Education Authority.

“Extreme views like this call into question Mr McCausland’s fitness to serve as a board member of the Education Authority and I am calling for a full investigation into this matter.

“We need to send a message of hope and acceptance to vulnerable young LGBT+ people. All of the research shows that these young people don’t feel safe or welcome in our schools. The kind of attitude from Nelson McCausland needs to be weeded out.”

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