McCrossan: Lack of funding stopping education reform

education daniel mccrossan

SDLP West Tyrone MLA Daniel McCrossan has welcomed the Interim report from the Independent Review of Education.

This report spells out the major issues regarding the education sector but has not spelt out solutions.

West Tyrone MLA Mr McCrossan said:

“This report accurately spells out the problems within our education system, and echos many of the issues I and the SDLP raised in our written submission to the panel. It rightly highlights issues including those around early years, underachievement, curriculum, FE and HE and governance.

“However, the real crux of the matter is how these changes will be funded. The report itself (page 20) points out that our school funding is 5.5% lower than the UK average, that there was a 10% cut in funding in the seven years before Covid, and that spending on higher education, further education and industry skills has been cut by a third.

“At a meeting earlier this month with the Education Authority, they identified a need for £267m in additional funding just for things to stand still. Without a reversal of previous cuts, a significant increase in resources and a functioning Executive to make the legislative changes necessary, we are not going to see the change in our education system we all want and need and this will have a significant impact on our young people and their ability to realise their full potential.”

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