McCrossan: Report spells out impact of education cuts

education daniel mccrossan

SDLP Education Spokesperson Daniel McCrossan has said a new report spells out the devastating impact of education cuts on children and young people.

The research by academics found that the cuts would disadvantage the most vulnerable.

Mr McCrossan said the warning from the experts should be heeded and backed their call for the cuts to be urgently reversed.

West Tyrone MLA Mr McCrossan said:

“The findings of this report are no surprise, but I welcome this work by academics at a number of universities to spell out the devastating impact these cuts will have on our children and young people, particularly those who are already vulnerable and having their opportunities limited.

“No amount of budgetary pressures can justify taking holiday hunger payments away from families who are struggling, counselling from children who need support with their mental health or failing to provide the right environment for children with special educational needs. It’s absolutely disgraceful that it’s children who already face the biggest challenges in their young lives who are bearing the brunt of these cuts.

“This report rightly points out that these decisions should not be left to civil servants who have been put in an unenviable position. Schools in the North already receive the least funding across these islands and Tory austerity combined with the DUP’s boycott has been allowed to create a situation where our children’s needs are being sacrificed due to ongoing political failure and brinkmanship. I would urge the DUP and others to read this report, look at the impact these cuts will have and get back to work so that we can protect our children and young people.”


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