McCrossan welcomes appointment of Omagh bombing Inquiry chair

legacy daniel mccrossan Omagh bombing

SDLP West Tyrone MLA Daniel McCrossan has welcomed the appointment of Lord Turnbull as Chair of the Omagh Bombing Inquiry.

The families of victims and survivors have long been campaigning for an independent inquiry into the atrocity.

Mr McCrossan encouraged Lord Turnbull to meet with those affected ahead of the inquiry.

West Tyrone MLA Mr McCrossan said:

“The appointment of Lord Turnbull as the Chair of the Omagh Bombing Inquiry today is an important moment for victims, survivors and their families who fought so hard for so long to have this inquiry take place. I have stood alongside them for many years and have been stunned by their quiet determination to gain truth and justice for their loved ones.

“I welcome the appointment of someone with Lord Turnbull’s experience to head up the inquiry, and his commitment to meeting with those affected before it begins. It is important that this inquiry is victim-focused given all that those impacted by Omagh have been through over the past few decades.

“The events of that day in Omagh have long cast a shadow over the town. I hope that today’s announcement will bring comfort to victims, survivors and their families and that this inquiry will deliver the answers they seek. It’s a testament to their courage and refusal to give up that this inquiry has been secured and I hope to see further progress in the near future.”


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