McGlone condemns disgraceful legal action over Sean Brown inquest

legacy Patsy McGlone Sean Brown

SDLP Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone has described a British government decision to take legal action over the inquest into the murder of Sean Brown as “utterly disgraceful”.


The move will delay a decision over whether to grant a public inquiry into Mr Brown’s murder.

Mid Ulster MLA Mr McGlone said:

“The decision taken by the British government to instigate legal action over what occurred at the inquest into Sean Brown’s murder is a further insult to a family who have been through one of the worst ordeals imaginable over the past few decades. Not only did they lose their husband and father, a pillar of this community, in harrowing circumstances, but their plea for answers has been repeatedly thwarted by those wrapped up in their own interests, with no regard to truth and justice for this family.

“Sean Brown’s family have conducted themselves with the utmost dignity throughout these proceedings and their campaign, in stark contrast to those who wish to deny them the information they seek. It’s utterly disgraceful that yet another roadblock has been thrown in their way by a British government that has already shown great contempt for victims and their relatives and sought to close down routes to justice through their ill-intentioned legacy legislation. Now they seek to run down the clock for the family of Sean Brown.

“The coroner was clear that a public inquiry should be held into the murder of Sean Brown and that call has received vehement support across this island. This latest attempt to stop the truth from being told must be resisted in the strongest terms possible and I will continue to stand with the Brown family as they continue their fight to secure a long overdue public inquiry and finally establish what happened to Sean and why.”

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