McGlone: Failure to agree Lough Neagh report is another broken promise by Executive

Patsy McGlone Lough Neagh

SDLP Opposition AERA Spokesperson Patsy McGlone has said the failure to agree a plan of action on Lough Neagh is another broken promise by Executive parties.


The Mid Ulster MLA was speaking on Thursday following the Executive’s failure to agree a report brought forward by the AERA Minister which outlined more than 30 recommendations to address the problem.

Mr McGlone said:

“Earlier this year I welcomed the AERA Minister’s stated commitment to addressing the ecological crisis in Lough Neagh as a year one priority for the Executive. However, he needs the agreement of his Executive colleagues to deliver on that commitment.

"The Executive’s failure today to agree the report and its recommendations is deeply disappointing. It is another broken promise by Executive parties who all expressed their concern at the ecological crisis in the Lough and declared it to be a priority for their parties.

“Responsibility for dealing with the crisis in Lough Neagh is shared between departments and it needs a united Executive approach. The failure to agree to the report’s recommended actions will condemn Lough Neagh to further decline.

“The SDLP is willing to work constructively with the AERA Minister and his Executive colleagues to properly address the ecological crisis in Lough Neagh, but they are the parties responsible for taking action on the Lough and we will hold them to account if they fail to do so.”

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