McGlone: Family of Sean Brown cannot be denied justice

legacy Patsy McGlone

SDLP Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone has said the family of Sean Brown cannot be denied justice.

He was speaking after attending the inquest of Mr Brown on Tuesday amid concerns it could be prevented from proceeding due to the British government’s Legacy Bill.

Mr McGlone welcomed the coroner’s urging for all sensitive material to be brought forward so that the inquest can proceed within the time allowed.

Mid Ulster MLA Mr McGlone said:

“It’s absolutely disgraceful that a family that has been fighting for 26 years for justice for their murdered husband and father and seeking the truth around what happened to him could be denied the opportunity to proceed with this inquest due to the British government’s ill-conceived and self-serving legacy legislation.

“My heart goes out to the Brown family after what they have endured. Not only were they forced to fight for decades to secure this inquest, but they have been met with repeated obstacles in the form of constant delays and the failure of state agencies to provide the relevant evidence. I welcome the coroner’s urging for all the relevant material to be disclosed so the inquest can be held within the time available and the PSNI must cooperate with the inquest in full.

“This situation lays bare the damage that the British government’s Legacy Bill will cause, not only to the family of Sean Brown, but to families across these islands who had their loved ones taken by paramilitaries and state forces. I would urge those with influence, including in the Irish Government, to make it clear that they will challenge this legislation. We cannot let the British government close down investigations to protect their own interests and deprive families like Sean Brown’s of the truth and justice they have fought so hard for.”


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