McLaughlin: PSNI action plan to tackle violence against women and girls “long-overdue”

policing policing board violence against women Sinéad McLaughlin

SDLP Foyle MLA Sinéad McLaughlin has said that the new PSNI action plan to tackle violence against women and girls is “long-overdue”, adding that it must be accompanied by action from a reformed Executive.

Ms McLaughlin is the SDLP representative on the Policing Board.

Commenting, Ms McLaughlin said:

“The launch of today’s action plan by the PSNI is another vital but long-overdue step towards eradicating the scourge of violence against women and girls from our society. For far too long, the PSNI has lacked a comprehensive approach to dealing with this pressing issue, with many women losing faith that it would ever be treated with the seriousness necessary.

"I would like to commend the efforts of women's groups and campaigners in pushing for change and am particularly encouraged by the recognition in this plan that there is a need to build trust and confidence in the police service, as well as relentlessly pursue perpetrators.

“I hope today’s action plan by the PSNI marks a turning point. but the responsibility to address this challenge does not rest solely with the police and we need to see far-reaching action and shared ambition from across our government including the long-awaited publication of the Executive's Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy. Violence against women and girls can never be allowed to be normalised and we need to do everything possible to root out and deal with toxic misogyny in our society so girls and women can finally feel safe on our streets and in their homes.”

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