O’Toole challenges DUP to get back to work

dup matthew o'toole Assembly recall cost of living

Leader of the Opposition at Stormont Matthew O’Toole MLA is to challenge the DUP to get back to work or explain themselves to thousands of families suffering as a result of the cost of living crisis as the Assembly is recalled from its summer recess following an SDLP petition tomorrow.

The DUP Leader Jeffrey Donaldson previously pledged a ‘graduated’ approach to the restoration of power-sharing institutions based on the passage of the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill which has now passed its Commons stages. Matthew O’Toole MLA will challenge the party to honour its word.

Speaking ahead of the Assembly sitting, Matthew O’Toole MLA said:

“Since the Assembly last met, the crisis facing families and households across Northern Ireland has deepened. Energy prices are spiralling, fuel costs are prohibitively high and thousands are now facing the additional burden of back to school costs with no additional support from the people they elected three months ago on a promise to help.

“The challenge that the SDLP Opposition will make to the DUP tomorrow is simple – get back to work or explain yourselves to the thousands of families who have been held to ransom for the last 90 days. The excuses about the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill have evaporated now that the legislation has passed its Commons stages. Continuing to deny people urgent support is unethical, immoral and outrageously cruel.”

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