O’Toole condemns second attack on Belfast Multi-Cultural Association

matthew o'toole South Belfast BCMA

SDLP South Belfast Assembly candidate Matthew O’Toole has condemned a suspected arson attack on the Belfast Multi-Cultural Association (BMCA).

It follows a previous arson attack on the premises last year.

Mr O’Toole said South Belfast was the most diverse area in the North and called on the community to rally around the organization.

South Belfast candidate Mr O’Toole said:

“Let me be absolutely clear – there is no room for racism or hate targeted at any one group anywhere in the North and the people behind these attacks on the Belfast Multi-Cultural Association are achieving nothing other than strengthening the resolve of committed anti-racists everywhere. People will pull together and the BMCA will rebuild and overcome this latest setback.

“It’s heartbreaking that after extensive repairs were carried out on this building to allow the BMCA to resume their important work in a hub at the heart of the community that serious damage has once again been caused to the premises. This is an important resource for a group that works to help people in our city and we need to see proper support to allow them to continue providing their vital services.

“The last time this building was attacked the public raised over £60,000 for repairs and I’m sure they will once again rally around the BMCA and help in any way they can. South Belfast is one of the most diverse places on these islands, people from around the world live together peacefully and those who carried out this mindless act in no way represent the views of this community. I would encourage anyone with information about what took place to come forward to police and I will be contacting the BMCA directly to express my solidarity and to identify what can be done to help them bounce back from this as quickly as possible.”

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