O’Toole: DUP’s move on border checks a desperate electoral stunt

protocol matthew o'toole border checks

SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Matthew O’Toole has called DAERA Minister Edwin Poots' attempt to block Protocol checks as a desperate and reckless stunt.

Mr O’Toole said the purpose of the move was to win back hardline Brexiteer votes ahead of the next Assembly election.

He urged the DUP to stop playing politics over the Protocol and support workable solutions that would benefit the North.

South Belfast MLA Matthew O’Toole said:

“Minister Poots' efforts to undermine international law by thwarting the Protocol is a pathetically transparent attempt to shore up his party’s support.

“Does Edwin Poots expect to break both UK and international law and get away with it? Does he expect civil servants working in DAERA will be his accomplices in this? Does he really believe it is in his gift to ignore a binding international agreement?

“Polls of the Northern Ireland population and business show that they want the Protocol to be made to work, taking advantage of the clear economic opportunities from dual market access while agreeing solutions where issues arise.

“The DUP, which championed hard Brexit all along and courted the loathsome charlatan Boris Johnson, is doing what bullies always do when they are found out: lashing out and trying to create chaos.”

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