O'Toole: Frost must take responsibility for deal he negotiated


The UK's ideologically driven Brexit minister Lord Frost should stop trying to deflect ownership of the Brexit deal he negotiated and take responsibility for making it work, SDLP Brexit spokesperson Matthew O'Toole has said.

Speaking after Frost published a disingenuous op-ed article disclaiming the Brexit deal he was responsible for, as well as other anonymous briefings from UK Government, O'Toole said the British government's approach to the deal was reckless, destabilising and risked inward investment based on NI's dual market access under the Protocol.


Matthew O'Toole MLA said:


'Lord Frost seems to see personal or political advantage in continuing to pick fights with Brussels. He cares little about the consequences of deflecting blame for the deal he negotiated, which is clearly pathetic on it's own terms, but more importantly it is destabilising to our politics and damaging to our economy.


"Frost should be focussed on making this deal - his deal - work. That means resolving practical issues pragmatically - such as via EU-UK alignment on veterinary standards - as well as ensuring we benefit from the potential economic opportunity offered by dual market access under the NI Protocol.


'It is truly depressing but unsurprising that those who have shouted loudest for the hardest Brexit, whether Lord Frost or Edwin Poots, have been quickest to run away from its consequences. We wont let them.'

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