O’Toole: Recall chance for DUP to do what’s right

matthew o'toole Assembly recall cost of living

SDLP Leader of the Opposition Matthew O’Toole has said that Thursday’s Assembly recall is a chance for the DUP to do the right thing and allow the restoration of the institutions before an election.

Mr O’Toole said people across the North had suffered as a result of the DUP’s refusal to do their jobs.

He said the last thing the public wanted was a winter election which would cost millions and change very little.

South Belfast MLA Matthew O’Toole said:

“The DUP have an opportunity this Thursday to get back to work, allow the Stormont institutions to function and prevent a winter election that will solve none of the issues facing us in the North at the minute. An election won’t get support to those struggling due to the cost of living emergency, it won’t cut our hospital waiting lists and it won’t facilitate an agreement on the Protocol.

“Before May’s election every party promised to do everything within their power to support people dealing with rising costs and energy bills and due to the DUP’s boycott, this hasn’t happened. Despite their selfish actions, their demands around the Protocol have not been met and the new British government will soon enter negotiations with the EU to reach an agreement.

“The SDLP will once again be nominating Patsy McGlone to the position of Speaker on Thursday and I’d ask every party to support him so that we can avoid an election and get back to work. We need to be focusing on the issues that are facing people in their everyday lives and solutions like the SDLP’s home heating oil proposal to get people through the winter, not burning more time and money to get nowhere.”

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