Save Lough Neagh

We, the undersigned, give notice to the Speaker, under Standing Order 11, that the Assembly should meet to elect a Speaker and Deputy Speakers, to nominate a First Minister and deputy First Minister, and to debate the following motion:

Text of Motion, “That this Assembly declares an ecological crisis in Lough Neagh; acknowledges the complex characteristics of biodiversity and ecological breakdown on the lough which includes high concentrations of phosphates and nitrates from agricultural runoff, the durability of the waste water infrastructure, the impact of invasive species and the catalyst of higher temperatures caused by the climate crisis; accepts the role successive Executives have played in failing to mitigate this crisis; resolves to implement a short term mitigation plan to address the effects of the crisis; further resolves to implement a long term recovery plan to comprehensively address the challenges facing Lough Neagh across Executive Departments and; calls on Ministers to work collectively to establish an independent Environment Protection Agency with robust enforcement powers to address the crisis on Britain and Ireland’s largest freshwater lake.

Will you sign?

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