Save our local HSBC bank

The closure of Omagh's HSBC is a huge blow to the local community. It is the latest in a long line of bank closures in West Tyrone over recent years and deprives people of a vital public service.

While online banking is growing in popularity, many people in our rural area, particularly older people, still rely on bricks and mortar banks to deal with their finances.

Across the North, hundreds of local bank branches have closed in the last decade and without action to save these locations people will soon have no choice but to move online, whether they want to or not.

Join us and sign our petition to send a clear message that we want this branch to remain part of our local community.

We the undersigned call on HSBC, the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Minister for the Economy to take action to safeguard access to financial services for those unable to access online banking by intervening to ensure Omagh does not lose its local HSBC bank.

Will you sign?

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