SDLP expresses fresh and further concerns on PSNI data breaches

psni policing mark h durkan Data breach

Following conversations over the past week with police officers and others in the police community, SDLP Policing Board member Mark H Durkan is writing to the Chief Constable to express “fresh and further concerns” following data breaches and information on funding available for security costs and house moves.

Mr Durkan said addressing these concerns can give staff further confidence to “stay with the service” and that they and their families will be safe.

SDLP MLA Mark H Durkan said:

“People in the policing community are saying to me that they feel isolated. I understand the pressures the PSNI are under but I will be saying to the Chief Constable that I am hearing that more can be done to reassure those most exposed by the recent data breaches.

"Without compromising safety and operational requirements, I am asking the Chief Constable to provide a daily breakdown of the number of risk assessments conducted, the breakdown of officers and civilians assessed and the numbers awaiting assessment including the breakdown across PSNI ranks.

"It will also be key to know if there is any priority in the order of assessment. We need to know the timeline for the current workload to be completed so that officers and staff can have certainty. I am also asking for details of the process for keeping staff updated on their particular case including if daily, weekly or another timeframe.

"It was vital that all staff received general security advice. But staff have the shadow of threat close by and need to be continuously reassured. I am also asking the Chief Constable to advise of conversations with London on funding for security costs to help individual staff including those forced to move home. It is important to know if the British Government is stepping up to the mark and will fund what is needed.

"While it is vital that these assurances are received by staff, it remains of massive importance that the whole sequence of recent sorry events is thoroughly investigated, reported on and acted on to start to rebuild the confidence of the wider community in the PSNI.

"It is clear that community confidence in the organisation is low and trust, which was already patchy in some areas, has deteriorated significantly."

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