SDLP Leader’s eve of poll message

colum eastwood Assembly Election 2022

Speaking during the final day of campaigning ahead of tomorrow’s Assembly election, SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MP said:



“This week people have an opportunity to seriously reflect on how government has worked over the past five years. People in every community can determine if Stormont has done enough to help them with soaring fuel, food and energy bills, to address the hospital waiting list crisis, to put them and their families first. My clear view is that Stormont hasn’t worked for too many communities and it’s time to elect political leaders who will put people first. 

“In every constituency, SDLP candidates are ready to get to work on day one of a new Assembly. We’ll implement our plan to get £200 to every household, £500 to those most in need and £1,200 to an average family with two children on free school meals to help with the cost of living crisis. My SDLP team will deliver £1 billion for the health service, appoint a new Junior Minister for mental health and take the tough decisions needed to address the waiting list crisis that has left thousands in agony needing treatment. 

“This election isn’t about the protocol or the position that anyone holds at Stormont. None of that will heat a single home or get a single hospital patient the care they need. This election is about choosing political leaders who will be there for you and your family, who will work every day to transform our shared home. On Thursday, vote for the leaders who will always put people first. Vote for our team of SDLP candidates.”

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