SDLP secures Assembly recall challenging DUP to restore institutions

dup matthew o'toole Assembly recall cost of living

The SDLP has secured enough support to recall the Northern Ireland Assembly from its summer recess next week to hear a motion on the cost of living crisis.

The party tabled a recall petition this week following the conclusion of the Commons stages of the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill as a challenge to the DUP to restore the democratic institutions at Stormont.

Speaking following confirmation that the threshold of 30 MLAs has been passed, SDLP MLA Matthew O’Toole said:

“People and families across Northern Ireland are experiencing the most severe cost of living crisis in living memory. At a time when working households are facing a real emergency, there is no justification for those continuing to hold our democratic institutions to ransom for their own cheap political games. That’s why the SDLP is recalling politicians from the summer recess to address the real challenges facing our communities.

“The Protocol Bill has, unfortunately, passed its Commons stages and it is time for Jeffrey Donaldson to make his mind up. He cannot keep speaking out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to the restoration of the Assembly and the Executive. The SDLP is challenging his integrity as a political leader and his party’s commitment to respecting the result of May’s election. We will again nominate my colleague Patsy McGlone as Speaker of the Assembly next week, for the DUP’s rhetoric about being committed to the institutions at Stormont to be in any way credible, they must support the nomination of a Speaker and the restoration of the Assembly.”

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