SDLP to support Dáithí’s Law in Commons

colum eastwood Organ donation Dáithí's Law

The Social Democratic and Labour Party will support Dáithí’s Law when it comes before the House of Commons on Wednesday.

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood said the passing of the legislation is the result of a long campaign from the MacGabhann family and praised their determination and resilience to make their Bill a reality.

Foyle MP Mr Eastwood said:

“SDLP MPs will be in the House of Commons on Wednesday to voice our full support for Dáithí’s Law. While this has been a long journey for the MacGabhann family to make this a reality, they should take immense comfort from the difference it will make for years to come to those in need of an organ transplant.

“This legislation shows our politics at its best, parties working together to make things happen for the common good and I deeply regret that we don’t see this more often. The campaign of Dáithí and his family focused minds across these islands and showed us what we can achieve when we put our differences to one side and focus on what really matters. This legislation should have passed through Stormont long ago, but the important thing is that we get it over the line and transform the lives of those on transplant waiting lists.

“Having met Dáithí and the MacGabhann family on many occasions and been a recipient of one of his famous right hooks, I never doubted that they would not stop fighting until this legislation became law. Tomorrow is their day and they should be so proud of everything they’ve achieved. Because of their efforts people in need of organ transplants will have a greater chance of survival and recovery. I can think of few achievements of greater magnitude than that."

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