SDLP will seek recall of the Assembly to address cost of living crisis

colum eastwood Assembly recall cost of living heating oil

The SDLP Opposition has tabled a petition to recall the Assembly to address the cost of living crisis this evening.

The move follows deficient proposals tabled by the British Government which would provide home heating oil consumers in Northern Ireland, who make up 68% of all households, only £100 to address soaring energy prices.

The SDLP published a proposal to provide all households with 1000 litres of home heating oil as a matter of urgency.

Colum Eastwood MP said:

“The SDLP will table a petition to recall the Assembly in response to the growing energy cost crisis and the insulting response to it from UK Government and Stormont Ministers.

“Earlier today, the SDLP published a proposal to provide every oil heated home with 1000 litres to help them through the worst of the autumn and winter. Our scheme is designed to get support out quickly and effectively to households that have been offered very little to date by the UK government or Stormont Ministers. It would provide equitable relief to the price cap for gas and electricity customers which will benefit a significant number of people and which we support.

“The counter offer from London Ministers of £100 to get tens of thousands of households through the most severe energy cost crisis in living memory is grossly insulting. Without a significant intervention, people will die needlessly this winter. It is galling that the British Government’s response to that crisis is to offer three weeks of heat for the majority of people in the North.

“A warm home isn’t a luxury, it’s a matter of basic human dignity. The SDLP will fight to protect the dignity of every family in every community here.”

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