SEN Public meeting

May 19 08:00 PM
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Are you a parent or a carer for a child with Special Educational Needs? We want to hear from you.

Every parent is telling us the same thing about the problems they have navigating the Education and Health system.

Everything from getting an assessment in the first place and then the challenges of the statementing process. The whole experience is so tough for so many parents and families and getting support can be really difficult. The pandemic and lockdowns have made the challenges for many of our young people and their families even worse.

On Wednesday 19th May we have brought together a panel of experts who want to hear your story. And, I will make your voices heard in Stormont so that the system can be improved for you and your children.

Our panel includes:

• Children’s Commissioner Koulla Yiasouma

• Professor Siobhan O’Neill, the Department of Health’s Mental Health Champion

• Rachel Hogan from the Children’s Law Centre

• John Eakin Principal Psychologist at John Eakin & Associates.

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Are you coming?