Tackle dog fouling in Derry

Dog fouling has become a growing concern across our local area and residents are demanding action. SDLP Councillor Lilian Seenoi Barr is campaigning to raise awareness of this issue and encourage Council to work in partnership with other organisations to address dog fouling once and for all. We need your support to show how passionately people in Derry and Strabane feel about this issue.

We, the undersigned residents of Derry and Strabane urge the council to address escalating issues around dog fouling that has become a growing concern in our city and district.
We ask that council work with Dogs Trust NI and other similar organisations to initiate a comprehensive educational campaign focused on promoting responsible dog ownership and to raise awareness about the environmental and public health risks associated with dog fouling.
We also demand that council implement strategies that have demonstrated success in other areas, such as the “We Are Watching You” campaign in England. These strategies should include increased vigilance and effective enforcement to deter dog fouling.

Will you sign?

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