Tierney rejects Delargy’s Templemore Sports Complex claims

brian tierney

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney has described claims by Sinn Fein MLA Pádraig Delargy, that the party opposed the redevelopment of Templemore Sports Complex as “simply untrue”.

Councillor Tierney was speaking after the Sinn Fein MLA recently tweeted that the SDLP opposed the redevelopment of Templemore at a vote within the council in 2019.

Councillor Tierney said:

“Pádraig Delargy claims that the SDLP group on council voted against the development at Templemore in 2019. The truth of the matter is we proposed an amendment to a weak Sinn Féin motion in 2020. The effect of our amendment was to accelerate the redevelopment at Templemore, making the motion stronger and giving it a clear purpose of delivery

“It’s also important to point out that once amended, this motion was supported by Pádraig’s Sinn Féin colleagues on council at the time. The SDLP understands and shares the disappointment felt by the public that it has taken longer than we would have hoped to progress these plans, but to say that it is as a result of the actions of our council group is completely false.

“We will not allow anyone to misrepresent our position, particularly when it’s a position we have held and campaigned for, for many years. I would caution Sinn Féin against trying to mislead the Derry public, who can spot it a mile away. These false claims reek of desperation ahead of what looks like a difficult election for them in Foyle.

“The general public is well versed in ‘fake news’ and at a time when they need their political representatives to be working diligently on the issues close to their heart such as cost of living, hospital waiting lists, and education they will not and should not tolerate it.”


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