Vaughan: Permanent solution needed for Priory and Springhill surgeries

health Déirdre Vaughan GP

SDLP Holywood and Clandeboye representative Déirdre Vaughan has said a permanent solution must be found to protect the futures of the Priory and Springhill GP surgeries.

She was speaking after negotiations between the South Eastern Trust and potential new contractors fell through.

The trust will now take on the contract on a temporary basis.

Ms Vaughan said:

“News that talks have broken down between the South Eastern Trust and new GP contractors is an extremely worrying development that will cause concern in the Holywood and Bangor areas. It had been hoped that an agreement would soon be reached to safeguard the future of these vital GP services for people in this area and this latest development is a blow.

“While the trust will now take over the running of the surgeries on a temporary basis, it is imperative that all energies go into finding a permanent contactor to take over these surgeries so that GP provision in this area is assured. Everyone is aware of the ongoing pressures within our health service and the last thing this area needs is to lose two surgeries leaving thousands of people in need of a new GP.

“Following the latest development I will seeking assurances from the trust that services at these surgeries will not be interrupted and that this community will not be left without GP cover. People in this area rely on these services and have built up relationships with staff over a number of years. I hope that a new GP contractor can be found to carry on delivering important medical treatment for people in Bangor and Holywood.”

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