School Crossing Patrol Person For Wynchurch

The Wynchurch area needs a school crossing patrol to ensure the safety of children and parents walking to and from the four very busy local primary schools.

SDLP City Councillor Séamas de Faoite is campaigning for a school crossing patrol person. Please sign our petition to the Education Authority to demonstrate the amount of local support.

The cross roads on Wynchurch Road at Wynchurch Terrace is particularly busy during school drop-offs and pick-ups, with road traffic generated by all four schools and commuters from other parts of Belfast who use our neighbourhood unfairly as a rat-run.

As your local SDLP representatives we have secured progress on other road safety measures in the local area including new puffin crossings on the Ravenhill and Knockbreda Roads.

We the undersigned call on the Education Authority to provide a School Crossing Patrol for the Wynchurch area to protect school children and encourage active travel as a way to get to and from our local schools.

Will you sign?

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