McCrossan calls for full public inquiry into Omagh bombing

daniel mccrossan Omagh bombing West Tyrone Public inquiry

SDLP West Tyrone MLA Daniel McCrossan has called for a full public inquiry into the Omagh bombing after a judge ruled there was a real prospect it could have been prevented. 


Mr McCrossan said the judge’s ruling would compound the hurt experienced by the families who lost loved ones in the 1998 Real IRA attack. 


He called for a public inquiry to establish exactly what happened in the lead up to and on the day of the bombing. 


Mr McCrossan said the families needed to know the whole truth once and for all. 


The West Tyrone MLA said:  


“My heart goes out to the families of all those who died in the Omagh bombing. Today’s ruling that there was a real prospect their loved ones’ deaths could have been prevented will be a devastating blow and no doubt reopen old wounds. We are over 20 years on from the bombing, but for many in this area the hurt still feels as real as if it were yesterday. 


“There must be a full public enquiry to establish once and for all exactly what happened in Omagh that day. Families still have many unanswered questions and have been let down by the justice system time and time again. They have the right to know if their loved ones deaths could have been prevented if greater police and army action was taken against the paramilitaries involved.  


“I have stood with the Omagh families throughout their campaign and I commend Michael Gallagher for his bravery in taking it forward. While today’s verdict has taken two years to deliver it will be welcomed. There can be no more excuses, the truth must be heard and justice must be done.”  

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