Eastwood calls on Secretary of State to intervene ahead of strike

colum eastwood Industrial action

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MP has written to Secretary of State Chris Heaton Harris today urging him to urgently intervene to address the needs of public sector workers ahead of a scheduled day of generalised strike action next week.

The Foyle MP said that workers deserved far better than to be caught in the middle of an embarrassing blame game between the NIO and the DUP when everyone agrees that they should be offered a fair pay award immediately.

Colum Eastwood MP said:

“There are only ten days left for an urgent intervention to address the needs of public sector workers ahead of a day of generalised action next Thursday. Nurses, teachers, civil servants and other public sector workers aren’t taking this action lightly - they’re giving up a day’s pay and going out on strike to put down a marker for this government and for political parties here.

“The needs of workers have been overlooked, or used as part of some shameless blame game for far too long. I have written to the Secretary of State today urging him to take decisive action to deliver the pay awards that workers deserve and that the Northern Ireland Office and British Treasury have already agreed to fund.

“Any political leader, whether it’s Chris Heaton Harris or Jeffrey Donaldson, should be ashamed that nurses, teachers and other public sector workers will again be forced to take strike action for pay justice while those with the power to deliver it sit on their hands. It is indefensible and their approach must change.”

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